Our Needs and Next Steps

South Milwaukee Industrial Museum (SMIM) is a 501(c)(3) organization

The SMIM Board is pleased and excited to announce that the South Milwaukee Industrial Museum LLC (Bucyrus Museum) has a new home. The museum will take permanent residence in the Bucyrus Club in South Milwaukee targeting December 2020 for the grand opening.  

Currently, there is not sufficient funding for the ongoing creation and continuing development of the new museum space, the creation of the displays and supporting materials, and for maintaining the growing museum archives. Ongoing fundraising includes continuous support from the Bucyrus Foundation, social media donation campaigns, awareness and brand campaigns through the support of local and regional events, and support provided by Bucyrus Retirees, former Bucyrus employees, followers of Bucyrus history, and heavy equipment enthusiasts. 

To make a tax deductable donation of funds, artifacts, documents, and/or photographs please contact Robert Jelinek, SMIM Board Chairman at (262) 902-5235


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